Nigthlife in Cartagena

Café del Mar

It is located on the impressive walls of the historic center of Cartagena de Indias declared since 1984 a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, with a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea and its sunsets.

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La Jugada Club House

From the same creators of Movida 2-14, La Jugada Club House is characterized for being a sophisticated and avant-garde place, thanks to its interior design, mixology and music with local DJs and guest artists. A place of reference for the most demanding public in the city, where each of its five floors offers customers great surprises and different environments, suitable to satisfy all tastes. Do not miss its rooftop, where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the old town. Remember to reserve your table.

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La movida 2-14

In the heart of the old city and in the best European and Caribbean style, the rumba is set in La Movida, one of the busiest hotspots in the city. Elevate your senses with the lively atmosphere that this peculiar place offers you: the crossover and local music of the main hall, the electronic sounds of the patio, the peaceful environment of La Ratonera -a small space for a chat-, or an unparalleled experience in your area VIP Accompany the music with the cocktail menu or enjoy an authentic gin & tonic.

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Alquímico is a concept that transports us to an ancient practice, based on the transformation of natural processes in order to improve the material. To achieve the overcoming of the components, alchemy involves different elements such as chemistry, art and spirituality. Alchemical evolves using experimental methods in order to achieve the maximum exaltation of its products and achieving a perfect sensory harmony.

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Café Havana

The Café Bar Havana or Café Havana is a tribute to Cuba in the middle of Cartagena. Known as «the corner of the movement», it is located at the junction of Guerrero Street and Media Luna Street, a must for local and visitors who love Salsa.

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