Gastronomy in Cartagena

A fusion of African, Native American and Spanish food makes Cartagena a culinary delight. Caribbean, tropical, and with the added advantage of exotic tropical fruits, discover Cartagena through its flavors and aromas is the dream of any food lover.



From the creators of Carmen Restaurant, Moshi is born of a great passion for Asian food, especially the ingredients and preparations of Japan. The menu is inspired by the subtlety of flavors and the elegance of the Japanese culinary process combined with Colombian ingredients and local products from the Caribbean coast.

Carmen Restaurante

Offering contemporary food, Carmen Cartagena’s menu is inspired by local flavors, with modern dishes that highlight a passion for sea food. The gastronomic proposal is diverse, innovative and celebrates typical preparations of the coast.

La Vitrola

Located in Baloco street of the Historical Walled Center is this site that welcomes its guests with an atmosphere full of live music to Cuban son that is complemented by the exquisite flavors of the dishes, also this restaurant stands out for the excellent service by part of the staff.

Harry Sasson Cartagena

A menu designed exclusively for Cartagena, from the fresh ceviches, the dishes with seafood and fish to the wonderful crab nachos. Harry Sasson has been listed as one of the best in his field and already his name is identified with good restaurants and quality products; Without a doubt, Harry Sasson is a name that became a brand.

Don Juan Cartagena

Don Juan is a mix between a Caribbean restaurant and a bistro. Thanks to being in a republican building has high ceilings that allow it to become a well-stocked shelf of wines and ingredients necessary to fulfill the job. A fresh and clean place where the most important thing is what we put on the plate.

Alma Restaurant Bar

Keeping the original flavors on a plate has never been enough for Chef Eljach, and as a «culinary artist», the presentation takes a privileged place in each of his creations.

Chef Eljach seeks to stimulate the five senses of his guests in the soul restaurant through the flavors, colors and textures that add to an elegant visual presentation of the dish

El gobernador by Raush

The restaurant service of Bastión Luxury Hotel represents the best opportunity to get to know the gastronomy of the first level and, especially, the cuisine of Cartagena de Indias in a simple way, in a select environment and with the best personalized attention. Gobernador Restaurant with tasting menu, terrace bar with a view of the city, snacks and cocktails by the pool … Thousands of taste corners to choose from and let yourself be carried away by a new world of unique sensations.

María Restaurante

Casual dishes that give prominence to local products, we believe in a responsible and sustainable cuisine, support the local producer to improve their quality of life is our social objective.

Lobo de Mar

As the old sea lions know some of the secrets of the ocean to mix their fruits with the best ingredients of the land, creating delicious dishes that delight your palate.

Restaurante 1621

The old dining room of the Poor Clares now hosts the award-winning restaurant 1621. Ranked as one of the five best in Colombia, it is managed by executive chef Dominique Oudin, who prepares a contemporary cuisine, which combines French culinary techniques with the freshest ingredients of the Colombian Caribbean coast.


Peruvian cuisine. Our Seafood Steak has the authentic flavor of Peruvian cuisine, accompany it with avocado and lemon.

El Santísimo

With soul and vocation we have dedicated 18 years to the consolidation of El Santísimo, a restaurant that puts on the table an extract of the Caribbean flavor, through provocative recipes dominated by the French technique.

It has not been a miracle, the passion of our people is the main ingredient that drives us to create dining experiences that tempt the most conservative of diets.


Soft beige and white tones will welcome you to the wonderful enclave of the Tcherassi Hotel + Spa, built in a restored colonial mansion, with 250 years of tradition. His inspirer, Daniel Castaño, Colombian chef with Italian-American training, disciple of Mario Batali, has managed to incorporate the spirit of the coast of Italy.



It is a space full of flavor and joy, vibrates with the same energy of the city. Its chef Alex Quessep, from his kitchen gives life to a new colombo-Lebanese fusion where he expresses the miscegenation that enriches the Colombian Caribbean, where the quibbe and carimañola occupy the same place.


Mistura Cartagena is located in the sector of the Old City. It has an innovative and pleasant aesthetic proposal to offer a pleasant experience to all our visitors.

El Burlador de Sevilla

Here you will find a menu inspired by Spanish cuisine and the only flamenco show in the city that evokes the traditions and magic of the Iberian country every night. We take advantage of the great variety of local fresh seafood and handle seasonings, condiments, cheeses and sausages brought directly from Spain.

Portón de San Sebastian

It is really nice, attended by its owners, a couple that make you feel at home. It has very bright colors that complement the Caribbean atmosphere of the area, the joy of the place is unique and the food is truly spectacular.

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Stefano’s Bistro

Delicious food and the best attention of Mariel! Highly recommended! The mixed ceviche is very rich and we recommend the chicken with the fine herbs with the mango lemonade.

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La cocina de Pepina

A restaurant with Monterian and Cordoba food in the walled city, which serves only about 26 chairs and thus ensures good care and healthy and delicious food, ridden by Mrs. Josefina Yances.

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Di Silvio Trattoria

Welcome to Di Silvio Trattoria, a family place, fresh, homemade and above all genuine. We offer pizzas, pastas and other dishes of Italian food with top-level ingredients.

Since its inauguration in 2011, Di Silvio Trattoria has been at the top of restaurant lists, standing out for its atmosphere and the quality of its food.


What does Cartagena know? The flavors of a city can be perceived from its color, its aroma, its magic, its land, its people and innumerable sensations that refer us to the essence and everyday life of a town.


From the Pampa to the romantic Cartagena de Indias, all the flavor of Argentine cuisine, in our Restaurant Quebracho Bar.

Quebracho located in the beautiful Baloco Street of the walled city, «historical heritage of humanity» is a site designed for you to enjoy the most welcoming and pleasant environments, which will make your visit an unforgettable occasion.

La Mulata

Restaurant «La Mulata» offers typical food of the Coast: Mote of cheese, sea bass fillet, mushroom bass, seafood rice, ajiaco with chicken, bbq ribs, mulatto breast, seafood casserole and other dishes.

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Pizza en El parque

Located in the Fernández Madrid park.

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La Cevicheria

In 2008 the visit of Anthony Bourdain to Cartagena ‘revolutionized’ the main chef and restaurant owners of Corralito de Piedra who hoped that the famous ‘No Reservations’ program, and of course its star presenter, would knock at his door at any time.

Juan del Mar

This magical restaurant is located in a restored republican house that preserves its original architecture, floors and walls, which looks more like an art gallery of the Caribbean.

Mila Pastelería

Mila is a sweet and loving idea that was born in 2006 when I opened my first bakery, bakery and coffee shop in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. I wanted to create a place full of details and magic to accompany the breads, desserts and recipes that I had created with love, cooked and always dreamed.


La Tapería

This place is amazing! The delicious tapas, the best paella but the best is the attention. We went on Sunday and came back on Monday because we were in love with this place, it’s tiny, so we had to wait outside for a while, but it’s worth it.

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Pescetarian food is based on foods with a low amount of fats and abundant proteins, minerals and many other nutrients that help fight overweight and obesity, in addition to taking care of the proper functioning of the heart, veins and arteries, which are the most affected when they are registered. high levels of «bad» cholesterol (that which is obtained from foods of animal origin).

Guatila restaurante

Guatila is an author’s restaurant located in Bocagrande in the city of Cartagena, its proposal seeks to exalt the best of Colombian cuisine with innovative ingredients and preparations that make each dish an experience of flavors.

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Beer & Laundry

Find the best laundry for travellers in Cartagena – Colombia. Si pensabas que ir a la lavandería era fastidioso debes visitar este lugar que cuenta con riquísimas pizzas mientras lavas tu ropa, puedes disfrutar de sus comidas y bebidas y pasar un tiempo diferente.

Gato negro café

The Restaurant Gato Negro is located in a 300-year-old house in Getsemaní, a neighborhood which is part of the historic centre of Cartagena. We serve breakfast and light meals, and offer free tourist information. In a relaxed atmosphere you can meet friends and locals, read, write or surf on the internet with your own laptop using the free wifi. Just the place I was looking for and often missed while travelling.

Novo Kebab Grill

Being raised in Chicago where food is a big part of the culture, I am happy to bring the first authentic kebab shop to my birthplace, Cartagena.  I have been fortunate enough to explore many cultures through their food and look forward to sharing the flavors of the Middle East.

Ceviches & Seviches

A delight of ceviches. Mix of flavors that make them incomparable, with the Colombian flavor. If you like a little spicy, do not stop trying the Rumbero or the Candela that has a passion fruit flavor. Very good service, especially the owner very friendly and cordial.

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Ice cream and the best sushi. Sushi fusion and cold iron.

Quero Arepa

Arepas homemade, roasted, lighter but no less delicious. There is something for everyone (beef, chicken, pork, shrimp) Very well attended by young people. Small place, very familiar and reasonable prices. Highly recommended!

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Restaurante Coroncoro

Typical and very rich meals. Try the panela juice, it is sweet and refreshing for the heat of Cartagena. The dishes are very plentiful and there are many options. At noon it is full and if there is room you can share the table. Do not stop going at least once for lunch or dinner in a very Colombian place.

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Arepa Pues

We are Cecilia and Rodrigo, and now we are three! Something of our history: we were in Cartagena because of fate, because of a fortuitous encounter, and that’s where our story began. That’s 25 years ago.

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